I am a wedding and portrait photographer who resides in Asheville, N.C. with my wife and son. This is us renewing our vows! Photography is my passion, I am addicted to capturing the beautiful moments in life, be it a couple's first kiss, a loving mother looking at her newborn, a flower in spring, or a stunning sunset. I take a documentary approach to my photography, especially on wedding days. I love shooting not just the key parts of a wedding but also the little things, the shared laughter, the intimate moments that truly make those memories special. It is such a privilege and a joy to be able to share in the happiest day of people's lives, to help create and sustain their memories of that day. I always try to convey something of who people really are with my images, to capture the essence of their personalities and their love.
  I love the outdoors and in my time off I am usually to be found out playing in the woods. Whether it is hiking, camping, paddling, or biking, (or just taking pictures!) I enjoy it all. Photography was a natural outlet for me, it allows me to document the wonder and beauty of the world around me. I want viewing my pictures to invoke the same emotions I felt looking at a scene, be it joy, a sense of awe and wonder, or tranquility.